Dragon Ball SOD in english

Translated by Ultimate Hammer Bro

Hi, this is an online fan manga based in Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama's best work.
I'm Megajiem, the writer and artist, although there are many people contributing too.
What is this fan manga about? The characters we know and love are here again, in an unique battle for the Earth, like any other we've previously seem. This time, a young man called Taichiro is searching for Dansut, a forgotten warrior. With the power of magic and his ambition, Taichiro transforms the warrior into a monster. Irrational and really strong, Dansut starts to cause chaos. The Z Warriors will have to deal with the situation and do everthing they can to fix it.
If you want to read and follow this fan manga, these are the links of each of the chapters which are already in English:

Chapter 1: The menace of Dansut

(The next chapters are only available in spanish, for now)

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